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FESS Hands-on Mini-Fellowship (FHOMIF)

FESS Hands-on Mini-Fellowship (FHOMIF) schedule includes two sessions of surgical operation theater with four different cases for functional endoscopic sinus surgery, two on each session.
The cases were selected for this purpose and were informed about. The operation is supervised and assisted by a rhinology master who will describe anatomic landmarks in every step by emphasizing practical pearls and pitfalls.
After surgery, there will be a session for discussion about the reasons for selecting different techniques in every step and tips to avoid complications. RHOMIF provides an excellent setting for the highest level of the learning experience in endonasal endoscopic surgery with face to face teaching by world-class masters in rhinology during a compact learning session.

1. Board Certification in Otolaryngology
2. Background of at least two years of postgraduate experience on performing endoscopic sinus surgery
3. Ability to speak English
If you have the above criteria and interested to have intense practical learning in the field of functional endoscopic sinus surgery, you could apply for FHOMIF by completing the form below. Then you will be informed by the secretary for further details.

For further information, please contact the society secretariat by
RRS-JH Symposium