MERC 2014
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2nd Symposium

The 2nd Symposium on Advanced Techniques
in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery
& Live Surgery Demonstration


Tip Suturing Techniques
Management of the overprojected Nasal Tip
Revision Rhinoplasty: Form vs Function
Nasal Base Narrowing
Role of Septal Surgery in Management of the Crooked Nose
Precision in Dorsal Profile Alignment
Reduction Rhinoplasty
Augmentation Rhinoplasty
Advantages of Endonasal Rhinoplasty
Transition from Simple to Difficult Noses
Deviated Nose
Quality of Life after Rhinoplasty
Tip Procedures
Facial Plastic Injectables
Botox Injections
Autologous fascia lata and fascia temporalis with diced cartilage
Flaring and support spreader flap; upper lateral steal

Video Demonstration on Revision Rhinoplasty
Live Surgery for Nasal Valve Reconstruction


RRS-JH Symposium